View only Ongoing Experiments


Is there a way to only see the Ongoing Experiments on the dashboard, to make it less cluttered?

Kind reagrds


Hi Remi,

You could select the ‘Ongoing’ item in the sidebar, and then filter down further using the filter bar, and select ‘Experiments’ there. To reveal the filter bar, you can click the magnifier glass icon. I am curious to hear if you have more thoughts on the filtering there, and what improvements could be made :slight_smile:



Hi Charles,

I like the search options a the top of the panel, it is very useful.
Since the Status seems to be a subcategory of the Types of documents, would it be possible to just have the Status as a submenu of the Types (if you select a Type on the left panel, then you would get another subcategories and you get to pick: All, Ongoing, In Review, etc…). That way, you could select easily Experiments/Ongoing, or Meeting/Completed, etc…

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Ah I see… It might get a bit unwieldy and confusing to have all those hierarchies (and it could also be the other way around: Ongoing > Experiments). One feature I have in my list that would probably work well here would be to be able to save a search or filter. So you’d select e.g. ‘Ongoing’ and ‘Experiments’ in the filter bar, then save that and name the resulting smart collection to e.g. ‘Ongoing Experiments’ (very original name!), so you can quickly get to it. This would probably be a nice way to customize the sidebar more to your use. What do you think?

I agree it would be useful to be able to have saved filters or views in a kind of “Favorites” list.

Additionally, some way to allow these filters to be persistent would be nice. For example, if I have “Ongoing” selected in the sidebar, then click “Experiments” also in the sidebar, now both Ongoing and Experiments could be highlighted on the left. Currently, it works well to select multiple terms in a single category (e.g. two Statuses or two Collections) by holding down Cmd when clicking the next onee. An intuitive way to implement the kind of filter I’m talking about might also be just to allow Cmd to additionally highlight sidebar items across Type/Status/Collection boundaries as well. I hope that makes sense!


That’s actually a very nice idea. Not sure I’ll be able to add it to 2.1, but it’s going into my todo list :wink:

Thanks, Charles. I think something along these lines would really help to streamline getting the right view for what you want to see, so I hope you will be able to implement it soon!


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