Transferring data from Findings1 to Findings2

Findings2 looks amazing. However, I have been using Findings 1 for a while and have all my data on it. How can I transfer the data to Findings 2, or is there any better way of keeping these data?

Findings 2 uses the same library as Findings 1, and thus there is no migration step. In fact, even after you use Findings 2, you can still go back to Findings 1 and find all the changes there (except for things dependent on new Findings 2 features, like collections).

As usual, be sure to have a good backup solution in place! I designed Findings so that backup of your data becomes part of your computer backup without any extra work on your end. In other words, if you already use a backup system, like Time Machine, CrashPlan, BackBlaze or Arq, you are covered. As you probably know, having a backup system for your computer is critical, wether you use Findings or not. I strongly recommend to all my friends and family that have a Mac to get an external hard drive and use Time Machine (ideally, 2 hard drives, in 2 separate locations).

Note that you can’t rely on solutions like Dropbox for a backup. There are enough limitations in the way they work that it is still possible to lose part of your data in case of an issue.