Transfer your Findings library to a new Mac

When it’s time for a new Mac, it’s easy to have Findings follow you on the new machine…

The instructions below work for both Findings 1 and Findings 2.

Data Transfer

If you use Apple’s migration tool to transfer the computer data from one computer to the other, Findings data will be transferred as part of it. It’s probably the easiest solution not just for Findings but for all your apps and their data.

If the above is not an option, and you are migrating the data manually, you have 2 options, but first, you’ll need to download Findings from our website (Download Findings), install it in your Applications folder, and start the app (skipping the welcome screens). Then do one of the following:

Option 1: if you were using Dropbox for sync, first make sure you actually started the Dropbox application itself on your new Mac, that you have signed in, and waited until Dropbox activity has ceased. Once Dropbox is up and running on the machine, you can simply enable Dropbox sync on your new machine, in the Findings preferences.

Option 2: transfer your data manually using a backup. On the old machine, you can get to the data using the menu Findings > Preferences, then choose the Library tab, and choose to show the Documents in the Finder. The ‘Documents’ folder contains all your experiments and protocols, and you can copy its content to make a backup of your data. On the new machine, first make sure you quit Findings, then copy the ‘Documents’ folder on the new machine.

License Transfer

If you follow the above steps, the license will automatically be applied to the new library. In the case of Findings 2, you will be asked to authorize the new machine for the license code. If the dialog does not appear, you can manually trigger it using the menu Help > Enter License…

Each license is valid for up to 3 computers, but if you run out of authorization for a license, please contact us privately at