Synchronization cleanup

Hello all!

I just had some issues syncing through dropbox and solved it by completely resetting both Mac and iOS installations. Please find the workflow attached!

  • cleaned dropbox, removed Findings folder
  • removed iOS apps from devices
  • removed the Mac App with CleanMyMac3
  • reinstalled Findings from zip
  • reestablished syncing for dropbox on the Mac
  • setting up of this test experiment (maybe the imported experiments are damaged?)
  • reinstallation of iOS apps (clean slate)
  • Sync was perfectly resestablished for iPad
  • testing reimport of old data ✓
  • report to charles :wink:

Thanks for the overview! The part that may need some clarification is where you stored your Findings data. If I understand correctly, you disabled Dropbox completely on the Mac? You also said you removed the Findings folder from Dropbox, and then use Clean My Mac to remove all Findings data. That seems like a recipe for losing all your data, or am I missing something? :wink:

Ah, right, let me clarify that one a little further and sorry for forgetting the implications in the description:

  • Before the whole process, I backed up my Findings file and was able to import it flawlessly back into the database afterwards. Under “File/ export as archive” will back up as Findings file.
  • This protocol is a last resort measure that should be applied if there are severe crashes, freezing iOS apps and malfunctioning sync- all of which I was facing
  • I did not disable or uninstall dropbox on my Mac, CleanMyMac simply retrieves all traces of a program through its uninstall routine, thereby ensuring a really clean slate without restarting. There are many programs supporting this kind of cleanup upon app removal, such as Forklift, Hazel or App sweeper apps
  • It is also important to completely delete the iOS apps from your device(s), so make sure that all data is synced and backed up with your Mac export!

Thanks, Charles!

Thanks for the clarification, Mathias!

Regarding the backup of Findings data, it’s all contained in the ‘Default’ folder that’s either in Dropbox or in your local ~/Library folder (within Containers/com.findingsapp.findings). The export functionality will only export the selected entries (experiments in Findings 1, with the option to have them all), or the selected protocols. In Findings 2, this will not include the collection data. To have a complete backup of all your Findings data, you can instead make a copy of that ‘Default’ folder. After resetting your apps on all the devices, you can then simply drag that entire folder into the Findings icon on your Mac, which will import back everything into whatever setup you now have (Dropbox or local).