Hi, I’d like to suggest reminders for days where something has to be done in experiments. Sometimes I need to do something on a weekend day and I forget. So adding the option to remind oneself, especially in the iOS app, would be awesome!
Thank you!


One idea would be to allow individual paragraphs to be marked as ‘todo’, and have some ways to see all the todos. In that context, integration with reminders would also make sense… What do you think?

Thanks for the feedback!



I love that! That’d be awesome!


Hi, I have another suggestion. Is there any way of having a calendar view of all the things to do on a certain day of all experiments that are going on at the same time? It is a bit annoying when I’m looking at things I have to do that day to have to go into each different experiment to see what needs to be done. I mean for the iOS app.
Thanks a lot!


A calendar view should be coming to the Mac in the next version, but iOS would be later, and it’s really not realistic to promise anything at this stage…