Student Discount — 40%

Findings Pro. As a student, you can get a 40% discount on a Findings Pro license, and enjoy the exact same benefits as the full-price license (read more about Findings Pro).

Use the coupon. For this, you will need to use a coupon when purchasing Findings. We cannot apply the discount if you already purchased Findings at the full-price, and it cannot be applied to the purchase on the Mac App Store: you will need to use our store and download the application from our website. The coupon for the student discount is simply STUDENT. You can enter the coupon in the relevant field when using the in-app store, or on the web store. Note that this is only available for students, not faculty, teachers or postdocs, thanks :wink:

Your purchase directly supports the development of Findings. Our business model is simple: sales directly fund development, which represent most of our costs. Your support means we keep developing an app where the user’s interests come first.

Make sure you are a student before using the coupon :slight_smile: