Sort by date (newest at the top) and future of app



I’ve just found the Findings App today, and it looks great. One thing which I have found frustrating is that when you add new entries it puts them at the bottom of the page. Is it possible to have them appear at the top (i.e. to sort with newest at the top, and oldest at the bottom?).

Also having read through the forums a bit, I see that the Findings app has some links with the Agenda app, having tried both it’s clear there are a quite a few similarities and the developers have stated that they sometimes share code. Are there any plans for these two projects to merge. I’m asking because I am not yet sure which app I will use, and I would like to avoid starting to use a product if there is a plan to discontinue it soon, or if development is slowing. Looking at the community pages, it looks like there might be more development in Agenda at the moment (of course this might just be a case of them being newer, and “catching up” to Findings?


EDIT: By the way, the “About” link at the bottom of the homepage is not currently working.


Sorry for the late reply, but you can change the sort order by clicking on the icon with the 2 arrows at the top of the list: