Resource: Mix Calculator

Getting back the Mix Calculator

The ‘Mix Calculator’ is one of the built-in resources in the Findings application. If you deleted it by mistake, or edited it beyond repair, no worry, it is very easy to get it back by following these instructions:

  • Download this zip file from our website:
  • Double-click to unzip
  • Go back to Findings
  • Select the menu Resources > Customize…
  • Click the button ‘Show Resources Folder’
  • You should now see in the Finder a folder called ‘Resources’
  • Move the entire folder ‘Mix Calculator’ into the ‘Resources’ folder
  • Go back to Findings, and select the ‘Mix Calculator’ item to use it

Got more to share?

If you create other resources you would like to share, create a new topic in the ‘Share’ category and provide a link to it (e.g. on Dropbox or other). Then, to make sure it’s available to all, we will upload it to, and also make it available form our servers as a backup.