Request/Suggestion - Collection labels on experiments

As a Findings 1 user, I really appreciated project organization, and specifically the colored tags to help delineate if I had tabs open from multiple projects, because I would just keep tabs open for all of my ongoing experiments.

The functional replacement for that in Findings 2 is that I spend 90% of my time on the Status>Ongoing tab, yet there’s no indication for which collection the individual experiments attached to. It would be nice if the experiments had some kind of flair that associated them with the collection they’re assigned to - possibly analogous to the way labels show up in Gmail. I would actually find that information more useful than the date range if you’re short on real estate (or maybe a setting to decide what you’d prefer to see).

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Indeed, that’s something that was not yet carried over from Findings 1. While we won’t have it in time for the 2.0 release (I am really focused on bugs and stability), it’s something I’ll add back as soon as possible, as it’s been requested a few times. The plan for now will be to have the ability to add a color to a collection, and the color would appear in the entry cell. If the entry is in multiple collections, I am not sure yet what we would do, but probably showing all the colors as much as possible…

I completely understand the focus on bugs up to the launch. I removed the rest of my post because I realized that there are already collection labels in the upper right corner of the window.

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