Request: Font styles

I’m using Findings to keep track of my bioinformatics experiments / code. Often an experiment will have notes/sentences from me, some UNIX code and some R code. It would be great to be able to create some font styles so that I can keep these multiple text types looking different.

To be very honest, and to make it very clear, support for multiple fonts is fairly low on our todo list, for various reasons, primarily as we don’t think it’s useful to recreate the full experience of a rich text editor. We do have support for custom font colors and highlighting.

That said, what you are describing is different, and I believe might be better addressed with the following:

  1. normal text vs fixed-width text (aka ‘code’), which we already have
  2. stickies to have “side” notes stand out, which we already have
  3. Support for syntax highlighting, which is not in Findings…

I think (3) would work well for your purpose :wink:

At this stage, I really can’t promise when that will happen, but I sure hope I can get to it in the future!

Related to that, it would be interesting to have your comments on that other topic: Molecular biology and bioinformatics

Feel free to comment there on your use of Findings for bio informations, tips, tricks, etc.