Request: checkmarks in meeting notes - UPDATE: implemented in Findings 2.0.7


I’d like to be able to keep a list of my action item tasks in meeting notes and check them off as I finish them. Unless I’m missing something, it doesn’t seem possible to do right now. My request is to add the checkmark functionality in Experiments and Stickies to Meetings.

I’m also open to better ways to solve this problem. I’m mainly dealing with one-off meetings that don’t warrant a collection. Nonetheless, I want to easily remember which meeting generated the task list.



Indeed, checkmarks are disabled in meetings. You have a good point, though. I will enable them in a future update (probably 2.1). Many thanks for your feedback!



I’d be in favor of the checkmarks everywhere, tbh.

The only hold-out after this would be Research Notes, right? However, the description is “Plan a research project or prepare a grant.”, two activities that could very well include creating a list of actions to be achieved…


777: yeah, maybe you are right. I was afraid it can also be a distraction with more icons showing up in the side of the text…


They’re only there when you hover tho, right? I think they are not such a distraction, especially with them being a light grey, and only while hovering.

For me, it was more distracting trying to understand that they were truly, actually, for real not there haha. It took me a little while to realize the distinction was by document type, and not some option or list format.


I just noticed that in the iOS version of the app, you can “check off” items within a Research Notes entry. I would second the request for that same functionality in the MacOS version. I create a fresh “Research Notes” every day to be my “To Do” and general notes for my work in the lab that day… it would be nice to be able to check off items in my To Do that I complete.


Just a quick update to let you know that checkmarks are now enabled in Research and Meeting Notes as of Findings 2.0.7… See announcement here: Latest release: Findings 2.0.7