Remove/minimize Attachment Legends

I’m really liking findings 2.
I insert a lot of images as attachments (lot of IF images) and usually they do not need a big figure legend, since it is clear from the description what is on them, and it takes away from the size the actual image could be.
It would be great, if at one point you could add an option for resizing or removing the attachment legend.


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Thanks for the feedback. Indeed, more options around the size of the image preview and the legend are in the todo list. Depending on the attachment type and content, one may want a small or large preview, with the legend under or on the side (or no legend at all!). There are a number of such options for printing and PDF export, but they apply to all attachments, so it would be nice to have preferences for individual attachments too…

Yes, exactly this. For example, when saving verbose text debug output from a program in a text file, I really don’t need any preview beyond a thumbnail confirming the file exists. Having the large preview just consumes a lot of page space.