Printing Window gestion & Table management


I’m facing some problems with the printing of Findings. Since the writing window size is free and not determined, I never managed the get the same presentation on my computer and after printing so all my writings are messed up because of the unwanted line changed.

Is it possible to add a viewer option for which when activated, the text will automatically change of line depending of the paper size choosen ? Just like the paper view of Word.

Also, I often use Word tables for a lot of things and usually play around with cell fraction/fusion, is it possible to make the tables of Findings more flexible ?

Thank you very much !

Indeed, the print layout can end up being a bit different. What I aimed to do, though, is for example to respect the same tab widths for printouts, though it’s hard to predict 100%. Have you also tried using fixed width? Tables?

Ideally, if you had some examples of the kind of differences you see, I could think about more general ways to deal with the issue.

Having a ‘Print View’ is indeed a possibility, though to be very honest, it’s unlikely I can implement it in the short or medium term, as there are quite a lot of other features that will be prioritized over it. I’ll keep you updated if/when it happens, of course!


Thank you very much for your answer. For the printing view, for now I’m using a simple trick, I’m using a 100 line of “-” which determine the size of an A4 paper and I’m matching the window in order that it fits to one line.

For the tables, I’m usually doing these kind of tables :

So changing the size of the cells will not help as I take advantage a lot of the fusion/fission command of Word to get everything together in a minimum of space. Is it possible to add these features to tables in Findings ?

Advanced layout options for tables are on our todo list, but to be honest, I am really not sure when we will be able to implement cell merging. I’ll update this discussion if/when that happens, of course!