Option of “Date Conflict"

What I did: Change the date of notes (moving to the past).

For example, there are two entries in one note: one is the Jan. 24 and the other is Jan.28. I tried to change the date “Jan 28.” to “Jan 18”.

What happened: The popup of “Date conflict” appeared, but there is only one selectable option.


What I expected: Is it specification?
I think the other option such as “Not adjust other dates (only change this date)” will be needed.

Things that might be helpful to know (Findings version, OS and model, etc):

findings version : 2.0 (5207.13ce0840)
OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13.3

I agree that having just one option is a bit off-putting. The rationale of course is that the app tries to keep the content in the current order, as I initially decided that it could otherwise get confusing. But I now agree that another option, as you suggest, should be to simply move the content to another day, even if that means re-ordering the content (e.g. Jan 28 would become Jan 18, and be placed before Jan 24, without affecting that latter date).

It’s in my todo list, in fact, though it has not yet made the cut to get into the app. There are a few technical complications to work out as well.

I keep track of these feature requests and will let you know if and when it is available or in beta. Many thanks for the feedback!