News — Findings 2.0 launching — Jan 2018

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January 25, 2018

Findings 2.0 Launching Today

The new Findings has stunning looks, a slew of new features and a redesigned workflow. For anyone in research, science or education, this is big news!

Upgrade from Findings 1 Pro

The upgrade is free if you purchased a licence in 2017 or 2018. Otherwise, it is available at a 50% discount. When you launch the new app, a coupon will be automatically loaded. When you are ready, click ‘Upgrade to Pro’ in the Help menu.

A smooth transition for your data. Findings 2 directly accesses your Findings 1 data, without the need for any special migration. Your library works with both versions (just don’t run them at the same time on the same machine)… And it also syncs with Findings for iOS!

Help us spread the news!

We now have a big favor to ask you. The more people use the app, the better we can make it. As our most powerful advocate, here are some things you can do:

  • Email to your colleagues, your friends, your boss, your collaborators, your librarian, your department and your institution.
  • Talk about it with them too!
  • Give feedback about Findings on Product Hunt.
    -Talk about us on Twitter, on Facebook, or any of your favorite social networks, if any :slight_smile:
  • If you know a blogger, journalist or podcaster, in particular in research and science, let them know about Findings.

2 weeks only, introductory price for Findings Pro – 30% off

UPDATE — Fev 9, 2018: Promotion ended

Basic or Pro? Just like was the case with Findings 1, you can use the basic version of Findings. It simply limits the number of entries you can create. Purchase the Pro license and you can fully unlock the app’s potential in keeping a full journal of your daily activities. Now is the best time to make that jump, with a special introductory price for the launch.

Let us know what you think!


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Will you be making Findings 2.0 available via SetApp subscription?

Yes! There is a bit of work involved to adjust the app for Setapp, but it will be updated within 1-2 weeks on that platform as well. Thanks for your patience!

Findings 2 is now available on Setapp! If you want to try out Setapp, be sure to use this partner link to let them know you came from us: Setapp | Hol dir die besten Mac-Apps in einem Paket

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