New update - dark theme and tables


I just installed the new Findings update and tried the dark mode, which is a great option! However, most of my past entries seem to contain some phrases in very dark grey (which looked black to me!), so they remain black and hard to read when switching to the dark theme.
Also, when I try to edit tables now and click on a cell, then all the words in that cell become dark grey while in the editing mode, so any original variations in color or highlighting are not shown any more
Hope these issues make sense and can be solved in future updates!


I am sorry about the issue. Indeed, in some cases, the text may have been set to black (or dark gray) explicitly, e.g. after copy and paste from another source. To fix things, you can select the text, then use the menu Format > Text Color then click the ‘x’ to remove any such formatting. It’s something I may have to handle specially in the future by automatically applying a different color. It’s a bit tricky, because it may still be intentional from the user…

Let me know if that helps!