New to Findings — First Impression, Feedback & Thanks

Hi there!

First off, I’d like to let you know I AM TRULY HAPPY I have found this app!
I am not into biology or any of those fields… I am a Business & Finance student, as well as a Marketing Intern but the way this app is set up actually enables to organise my studies and internship work a lot quicker and a lot better.

I am also wondering: is anybody else outside of biology/medecine/lab fields using this app?
I mean the way I see it, I will use Findings as a note-taking and productivity app — and I honestly see a lot of potential there.

Anyway, I am new here and I would love to have a bit of explanation about experiments and protocols.
What is the difference between creating a note and an experiment?
How do experiments work? I was browsing this feature, then I saw I could sort into Business fields too, so I am really curious.

Thank you for your feedback, help guys.
A huge BRAVO, CHAPEAU LES MECS — this translates to “GREAT JOB” (I am French) — to the Findings staff for such a practical, useful app!

Merci Bryan! Je parle français donc j’apprécie le commentaire final particulièrement :wink:

A number of users are outside of the biology fields, or even not in research or science at all.

It is really just a way to have different kind of documents. Both types can cover multiple days. Notes are bit simpler in that you can’t create a timer or insert a protocol (making the user interface simpler and more focused). Stickies are a bit different in that there is no date, attachment or tables (they’re really for short, quick notes).

Protocols are really templates for things you do often and want to easily insert into an experiment. It’s typically used a lot in biology. You can also think of them as recipes, where the experiments would be the actual meals you create from those recipes.



I am new to Findings as well, and I am not a “science student” - I am in the business field, and from what I see - I think I am going to love this application. Bryanlilj23, I see exactly what you are saying about its marketing/business/finance application!

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