Memory of collapsing experiments and methods lacking


Hi Charles,

Matt here - just found this forum - assuming you would rather feedback here then my copious amounts of emails.

To the topic.

When I collapse (minimise) parts of experiments or methods, as soon as I quit and relaunch findings, it expands everything again. It sounds trivial, but for long methods or experiments, it’s actually really really useful to have everything collapsed all of the time, and only open out what I want. In findings 1, experiments were like this (but not methods).



Thanks for pointing that out. It looks like it remembers the folding state when navigating experiments, but indeed not after quitting and restarting. This is not the expected behavior, and I have flagged this as a bug to fix asap!



I just saw this thread again. Somethign that is happening, is I frequently lose my folding eg. folded experiments and methods often unfold. I suspect it’s when I install updates sometimes, but can’t be sure. For me it is quite annoying, as for most things, I want them in the folded state and I only ever unfold the sections I need. Saves scrolling through what are sometimes very long experiments or methods.


Sorry about that recurring issue. I am not sure what could be causing this, but I’ll keep a lookout. It’s of course a bit tricky to fix without reproducing the issue. One thing I plan to add is that ability to unfold/fold all elements in the current entry at once through a menu item (and keyboard shortcut). Looks like something that would be useful to you :wink: