Make timers easier to use

Timers are currently kind of difficult to set up or edit, especially when fine-tuning a protocol- I wish that I could click on the timer itself within the protocol to edit it, instead of clicking the gear, then edit, then on the right time box, and then editing the timer duration. This is a small change, but it would make a fanstastic app so much easier to use!

Thanks for the feedback. I will look into this, as it seems we could indeed make that a bit more straightforward. Maybe also have some menu items with keyboard shortcuts for timer-related tasks?

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Thanks, keyboard shortcuts would be really helpful! Honestly Iā€™d love it if all of the different (+) options had their own menu item at the top of the text editor, or their own shortcut to add them more quickly

They all have menu items (and most have keyboard shortcuts)ā€¦ except the timers!

I agree that it would be useful to have a ā€˜+ā€™ button in the toolbar as well. I am hoping to bring it to version 2.1 (it was there in early alpha versions, but moved to the left gutter; I think we can have both).

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