macOS App Store Review - Findings is an essential app


sharing the review i posted on the macOS App Store:


There are few Apps i consider essential on the Mac, and so i begin this review by saying this App has quickly become one of my essential Apps.

Research of any kind can be disorganized - often chaotic - in the early stages. There are hand-written notes, scribbles, stickies, white board drawings (some poorly drawn bordering on illegible), emails, and then there is some sort of task tracking depending on how disciplined you are.

Curating the many sources of information that funnel into Research can be daunting. There have been attempts in the past which came close to bringing order to this chaos, but none were as focused on Research as Findings. Focus is a beautiful thing, and Findings focuses on the many aspects of Research that although known and understood aren’t packaged in a neat little App. Many researchers end up using Note-taking Apps and albeit useful, they don’t capture the process or the mental model a research activity requires.

On App Design: The App offers a case study in User Experience (UX) Design: every element is exactly where you would expect it to be; like getting into a car for a test-drive and discovering that every control, switch, knob is exactly where you would expect it to be. The ease - and lack of friction - with which you get used to the user interface feels natural and unforced.

This is perhaps why you will find yourself liking the App as much as i did. Well done App Developers of Findings. iCloud Sync-ing is in the works, and when it’s available, the App will make creating and editing Research-related content effortless no matter what device you are using.



Thanks for the nice review, and thanks for sharing it here :slight_smile:


You are welcome.

i read somewhere, perhaps in another review, that iCloud sync-ing was on the roadmap, or would be nice to have; i don’t recall the exact wording at this time.

i realize the App can sync with DropBox, but wondered if iCloud sync-ing (via CloudKit) would be considered in the future.


It’s on the todo list, but not in the immediate future. I’ll update this discussion when/if it is in development!


Thanks! The DropBox Sync works great, no complaints so far. iCloud Sync-ing - and CloudKit - opens up other possibilities beyond just keeping all devices in sync.

Again, thanks for the reply and all the best.