iOS version needs easier editing ability

This, admittedly, isn’t very fleshed out feedback, but I’ve been using Findings across multiple devices for a summer research project and I’ve found the UI for the iOS version a hindrance. Splitting up experiments by line makes for an interesting ability to set timers and timestamp specific piees of my experiment, but I’m finding the lack of word processor like editing for an experiment on iOS almost prohibitive to its utility. I write up my notes in Findings on my laptop at my desk but I take my iPad (+smart keyboard) with me to the tissue culture room to write on the fly notes as I perform cell culture protocols… cell numbers, notes on health of cell cultures, etc… Not being able to just start writing or quickly jump around my protocol to edit a piece or add a note on a step or insert text to a different part of my experimental notes is really frustrating and usually I just give up and wait until I’m back at my desk on my laptop. I love that there is line by line functionality in the MacOS version, like checking off items in a protocol, but you still have a lot of freedom to jump around an experiment to make edits… I wish the iOS version had a more similar approach.

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I agree it’s a clear limitation of the iOS app. The iOS version was initially meant as a companion app for quick editing, adding pictures and timers. Note that on iOS you have always been able to enter multiple lines even when adding just one paragraph and they’ll end up as multiple paragraphs.

The app has grown a lot since that time, but we hope we can build a more powerful editor in the future, in particular to better embrace the iPad form factor. For now, we are still a more focused on the macOS version of Findings 2, but an updated iOS version is also in our plans…


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