Hyperlink as citation, bibliography from my attachment, drag-drop paragraph, attachment layout

I decided to bet on Findings to help me finish my Social Science thesis. I had been to EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero and yet it is somehow too techy for me (I know they’re all the best in the category) Anyway the way I can keep the notes onto the very same app with all the resources seemed to be a good concept I like, So I wanted to give it a try.
So far I love everything I see from reading your demos, like the attachment in version 2 seemed easy to understand and manage separately. Those are all good parts.

Now there are few things I felt like struggling on what to do next. I wish you could hear my prayers and let me know what you think.

  1. wonder if i could put the attachment in as just a hyperlink, this could be great it means i can put it in as citation and open it up to read or show my instructors right away (you may noticed that no thumbnail is needed in this case)
  2. if the app has already known everything I am using in the project, is there a way I can summarise all the bibliography quickly? that would be superb.
  3. i use “mark as done” to take a quick note when my professors satisfied with some of the ideas in the story already. But in some cases I might have to shuffle them in between the article itself. do you think i can just drag and drop it?
  4. i wonder if i can adjust the attachment layout individually (centered, centered full-width, left align, right align)

let me know what you think. Thanks

Yes, you can use the menu Insert > Link to File (or use the ‘+’ button in the toolbar or the gutter). You can then choose a file on disk, and Findings will create a corresponding ‘file://’ URL that can be clicked to access the file in the Finder (for security reason, Findings is not allowed to open a file directly outside of the sandbox, though.

Regarding the other questions, these things are not possible yet. At this stage, I can’t promise if and when it will happen, but it’s in my todo list…