How to remove a day in an experiment

What I did:
To save me time typing out my experimental details, I made a new experiment by copying an old experiment. However there are entries for several days in that former experiment that I do not want in the new experiment, so I want to remove days from the new experiment.
What happened:
I cannot delete days from the new experiment.
What I expected:
That I could click on the date of the day and click remove.
Things that might be helpful to know (Findings version, OS and model, etc):
Findings 2.0

Hi Josy,

Sorry about the frustration with those day headers. I have it in my todo list to make it easier to remove them (e.g. with a delete button next to them). At the moment, you can still delete them, but you have to select a paragraph before and after, then press the delete key. Let me know if that helps!


Yes that worked, thanks for the help! But yes it would be more intuitive with a simple -/delete button to remove the day/heading.

Quick update… The delete button is available in the latest beta, and will be in Findings 2.0.2. See more about the beta here:

Yes got it now in the new version! Thanks!

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