Hide dates on export

Option to hide dates when exporting to pdf. Dates are not always important for all readers – sometimes the headline is sufficient and dates are ‘in the way’.

Or instead of hiding the dates on export, a new kind of entry: assignment. No dates or anything, just a simple export with no dates, headers, footers.

Option to export as rtf / text / word (or similar) –> Mentioned somewhere else in the forum.

That seems feasible. Just to make sure I understand the use case (and maybe have another idea), could you give a more concrete example of an entry you created and exported to PDF, where having the dates was not useful? That would mostly make sense for export of a single entry, I presume? Maybe even an entry with just one date?

That could also make sense. In fact, one could imagine writing content in an entry with no date header, even for entries that would eventually have one (some sort or introduction/preamble to an experiment or a note).

Yep, on my list :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the detailed feedback!


Possibly related: I was thinking it’d be good to not mandate a day on a note. Sometimes I use a note to gather together and summarise experiments, almost like a draft/outline paper. In that case, having a day as the first item isn’t needed.

I notice there’s an x in the margin (of the Mac app) when I hover over the day that was automatically added. If pressing that removed the day, that’d do it.

As a work-around:

  • I could use a sticky, but… that doesn’t feel right.
  • I could update the date each time I edit the note. That kind of works.
  • What I actually do is just tell people to ignore the date

Anyway - thanks for the app. Really enjoying using it, and I feel it’s improving my record keeping.

It’s indeed something I have considered, and in my todo list to “think about”. Not sure how to best handle that, given the fact that it’s a late notebook, and dates are central to the experience.

One idea would be to have indeed a special ‘future’ date, so the entry under that always appear in the future.

With stickies, the date is in fact hidden but is kind of like that: always considered ‘Today’ until it’s marked as completed, in which case it becomes the date of the day it was marked as completed. It’s all invisible, and we have plans to make that editable in the future. Such a feature could be somehow made available in other entry types as well…