Help-->How to share progress of experiment from the Findings App

Can anyone share how it may be possible to share the progress of the my experiment to my team members and my PI?


Hi Scott!

To share with team members, you can use either the PDF or Archive export in the File menu in Findings.

  • The PDF export can be read by team mates that do not run Findings. You have many options in the PDF export sheet, e.g. include attachment files, create a separate PDF for each entry, or a single PDF with all of them, etc.

  • The archive export creates a file that can be imported by other Findings user. The other user can edit that file and even send back a new archive to you with the modifications, that will then be merged on your library. Or if you later send a new version of the entry (still as an archive), the recipient can then import it to update the entry they have on their machine. See more about it here: Sharing and Collaborating with Findings (screenshots are from Findings 1, but it works the same otherwise).

Let me know if that helps!