Font formatting


Hi Findings Team!

I am only testing Findings for a few hours now. Up until now, I am liking very much what I see!

First thing that would be great if implemented: a Text formatting toolbox or menu.
When setting up protocols and even more importantly, when working in the lab from such protocol (or Experiment in this case), text formatting is often important for me to visualise things well and follow along as I run my experiments.
What do I mean with Text formatting? I mean being able to change font style and size inside the document. I have seen that one can make the text bold, italic or underline it, however it is not possible to size the text as needed. A tool box would be a great way to get this done.

Another thing that I am missing is the possibility to merge cells in tables. When looking at an assay plate layout, for example, I often like to merge cells that I can then more easily label. Details are often too big to fit in each well and make the layout visually very unappealing.

I hope this help!


Hi Damien,

Thanks for your enthusiasm! One of the decisions we made early on is to keep the text editor fairly simple, but we eventually added a number of things like highlighting and text color. For now, custom font and text size is still off the table. Instead, I’d encourage you to try the different paragraph styles from the Format and Insert menu.

That’s not to say it will never happen, but it’s definitely not something on the near horizon I am sorry :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your feedback!