Font format - need fixed width quick access

I have used Findings 1 since its release. As a bioinformatician I used it to keep track of my analysis and to preserve command lines that I have issued. I can naked protocols of these list of commands and when I need to reset this I just modify the input names and I have all I need,. Clearly if I doi this more often I can write a script to do this more early, but for starters and too track specific analysis of experiments Findings have been very useful.

Version 2 looks nice, but it lost a key functionality to make what I do faster - a shortcut icon for fixed width font. Since command lines in Unix look better in fixed width (Courier font) this is important for me and currently you have to navigate to the format menu too achieve this, Also there is no key combination shortcut for this.

Please put an icon for this in the editing bar (and/or add a key combination shortcut at least).


We purposedly made the toolbar simpler in Findings 2, though I could see how there could be an option to have the items for paragraph formatting be optionally shown instead of a popup menu.

Now, the actual bug is that the keyboard shortcut for ‘Fixed Width’. It was supposed to be alt-cmd-F, but somehow it’s not registered by the system (even though it’s not used elsewhere, as far as I can tell). I switched it to alt-cmd-X for the next update.

In the meantime, you can go in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts, and set the keyboard shortcut for the menu item ‘Fixed Width’. Let me know how it goes…

Thanks for your patience and help with reporting this bug!


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Findings 2.0.1 is out of beta and available to everyone. It includes a proper keyboard shortcut for fixed width. Enjoy!

Release notes: