Findings for non-research purpose

I am a designer and not a scientist. Come across this app few months ago, really likes the structure of the app. I actually uses protocol pages to keep track all my designs, even though I don’t understand all the resource stuff.

I have not invest into Pro version because all the feature still solely made for scientist, the image attachment and other basic layout feature are lacking. I am looking forward to see all the promised features on 2.1 version. Really hope this app can maintains the focus users while expending features for all type of usage. Want to uses Findings to become my solo daily work notebook app.

Feature recommend

  • Flexible image attachment position
  • Different layout option, or free layout management likes OneNote
  • iPad pencil support so I can just drew my design on iPad and saved into my note
  • Calendar ingratiation for meeting note
  • Ability to add tag for note (I uses tag to indicate people who are involve to the project, so I can search them easily)

ps. Please do Black Friday App Store promotion!!! :pray::pray::pray:
Thank you!

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