Findings available on the Mac App Store



For many users, the Mac App Store is the easiest, simplest and most secure way of buying software. We are thus very happy to announce that the Findings app you know and love is also available on the Mac App Store.

Just like the regular version, Findings on the Mac App Store is free with some limits in the number of entries. At any time, you can purchase the Pro version in the app using your iTunes account.

Download it now, and make sure you rate the app to let us know what you think.

Findings 2.0.6 - June 21, 2018
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I bought it from website, but can’t get the in-purchase in app from App Store. It’s always confuse me. cause download from apple store is more convenient and safer.


Sorry for the confusion. The Mac App Store by default only des with purchases made on the Mac App Store, but we have set up a more hidden way to activate the Pro version even if you download from the Mac App Store. In the Mac App Store version you already have, use the menu Help and pressing the alt key while selecting the menu ‘Restore Purchase’. This should show a dialog to enter your email and license code.

Let me know how it goes! Thank you very much for supporting the development of Findings,