Find and Replace

Hi Charles,

Findings has been working much better. The tables for example are much more stable now - thanks. As above, on my wish list is a find and replace option. This would help me to

  1. Fix common spelling errors and more critically
  2. Replace text withnew codes. In my case, I have been working with patient names for example, but this is not acceptable, and I need to refer to them as aliases. To go back and change every patient name to the alias is very very difficult. A find and replace function would revolutionise this for me.

Just a wish,

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the nice words, and glad to hear the app has been getting visibly better for you. Regarding find-and-replace, it’s one of those features that I’ve had in my list for a while, but that’s a bit tricky to implement, both in terms of UI and implementation. I’ll be sure to let you know when/if I get to it :slight_smile: