Feature request: protect some recorded notes from being edited

When I’m reading some experimental data or note in Findings, I find it prone to misediting. Sometimes I don’t even realize that is changed.
Could you add a new feature to lock some records/notes so that they will not be edited util unlocked? This will help me a lot!

BTW, the table in Findings is not so powerful and friendly as Google’s Spreadsheets or Microsoft Excel. There seems to be some bug there because the font style of a cell may be automatically reverted back to default when I click on the cell. It would be appreciated if you could improve the functionality of the table :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, all types of entries are locked for editing once their status is set to “completed.” Are you talking about locking certain sections of entries that are still “ongoing” or “in review”?

Yes, sometimes I have to work with many experiments. It would be too messy to record them separately. It would be nice if you could support section locking for “ongoing” or “in review” entries.