Feature request: Papers/Readcube citations

Being able to add Readcube citations using the “+” button that’s on each line would be incredibly helpful; it would make it easy to keep track of where you got experimental details from, or plan/outline documents.

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It’s a bit tricky to do as it would require some kind of API to access Readcube library. One option for you is to paste a link to a Papers/Readcube entry (for instance using the menu Copy As > Link). This link should be clickable from Findings to bring you back into that entry into Papers. You can also from Papers use the menu Copy As > Reference to get a fully formatted citation.

Thank you! The link idea is very helpful for right now. I think there’d be a serious market for an easy way of compiling notes on research with associated citations that move with the text (which is something that OneNote, Benchling, et al don’t have).