Feature request: Insert “Result" section in Experiment

Hi Charles,

Would it be possible to add a “Result” choice for inserting in an experiment (along the Day/Protocol/Table/Sticky/Attachment/Timer) and then maybe have the option to print/export only results from a particular experiments or all the results for a particular week/month?

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Ah, that’s an interesting idea. What I had in mind potentially for a future feature is to add more meaning to individual sections within an entry or protocol. What I call a section is the content below a level-1 or level-2 header. At the moment, you can simply have sections called ‘Methodology’, ‘Results’, ‘Conclusions’, etc. The idea would be to explicitly “label” those so they can have different types: methods, results, notes, conclusions, etc This could also simply be set based on the name of the section or some kind of pattern. Then each type of section would have a different behavior or look to reflect their meaning. For instance, methodology section could be folded by default, so you only open them if you need to check the actual steps. The results could have a slightly colored background maybe to distinguish from the methods. This could potentially be configurable in the preferences. This could also enable filtering as you suggest.

To be very clear, this is not something that’s planned at the moment, or that I can promise. What you suggested is however adding another benefit to such a feature that may bump it up the todo list :slight_smile: