Feature request: in-line calculations

One of the only things I like about OneNote is that if I type “0.5876=" anywhere on the page and press space it automatically spits out "0.5876=438”.

This would be a very nice feature for Findings because it makes it easy to do all your simple molarity, ect. calculations in the notes page.

I know there are resources for this, but for simple stuff convenience is key.

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In case it’s unclear (as the * got turned into italics) I believe @garth is referring to the format:


which I agree is a fantastic feature of OneNote. In a Findings implementation, it would be excellent to have all standard mathematical operators, including intelligent handling of parentheses and scientific notation, and possibly certain constants and functions:

Standard operators: +,-,*,/
Exponentiation: ^ or **
Scientific notation: variants might include 1.23e4 and 5.67E-03
Constants?: pi, e
Maybe also basic functions?: sqrt, min/max, ceil/floor, (arc)sin/cos/tan, etc.

I write a lot of inline math in my entries, and agree this would be a great feature!