Feature request: Execute applescript at end of timer



Hi Charles,

I love the timers in Findings. However, I find myself missing too many timer events to rely on Findings timers in my everyday work, especially when I am not looking at my Mac/iPad while doing bench work or while being in a meeting. Therefore, I would love to have the option to execute an applescript once a timer hits zero. This would allow users to get (custom) notifications in OSX / play an alarm sound (even when your Mac is muted!), or do fancier things (displaying a big text message on screen, sending a push alarm to your android phone or an email come to mind). Findings users could share their alarm scripts in this forum.

Additional functions like repeating the applescript every x minutes after timer hits zero until timer is stopped by user, or executing the script x mins before timer hits zero, or being able to use the name and duration of the timer as variables in the applescript would be greatly apprechiated.



Hi Hendrik,

This would indeed be an interesting addition to Findings, having more options for the behavior of timers. I have to be honest, and warn you that it’s fairly low in the todo list, as I have many other features in the list, and only a limited number of resources :slight_smile: But I do hope to get to it at some point in the future!