Feature request: Collapse file preview

Hi Charles -

I have been doing more attaching of files to my experiments, for input/output files and images, etc. Sometimes they are really useful to have as a preview (e.g. gel images, structure figures, etc). Other times, they are not quite as useful (e.g. large plain-text data files). It would be nice to be able to collapse the file preview for those that I would prefer not to see all the time, much the same way the arrow is used to collapse by heading or sub-heading.

One difference from headings is that when a file attachment preview is collapsed, I would still expect to see the caption added for the attachment. So perhaps the “show/hide preview” button or link could be to the right of the filename at the right of the notebook, rather than the left where the triangle appears for headings. I imagine this would look similar to the Finder sidebar sections (e.g. Favorites/Devices/Tags headings each have a Show/Hide button that contextually appears on mouse hover).

I hope this is a feature that others would also find useful, and which wouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

Thanks for the consideration!