Feature request: Can we please have a zoom function?

I am somewhat surprised that Findings doesn’t have a zoom function to increase/decrease text and table sizes on screen - every browser, every other text writing program I use has it (mostly on Ctrl+ and Ctrl-).
I have been bothered by this for quite some time because the smaller text sizes can be hard to read on a retina display under non-ideal circumstances.
But I am now trying to use Findings in lab more regularly while doing benchwork but can’t read my protocol notes from ~2 meters away because I can’t just zoom in to make the text / tables larger. I end up having to either copy/paste stuff in Word (!!) and use the zoom function there or print it out on paper.

So, having a zoom function would be extremely appreciated!


Hi Hendrick,

Fair enough: a number of text editing programs do support text zooming, and I do feel it’s something that Findings would benefit from. In the meantime, here is a trick that I actually use myself for zooming the content on screen. Just to clarify, this is a workaround I am suggesting, not something that is good enough and that would prevent me from implementing proper zoom in Findings. Here it is: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH25517

It is applicable to a trackpad in this support page from Apple, but more generally, the ability to zoom on the screen is available on all machines. It can be particularly useful for the situation you describe where trying to read a protocol from 2 meters away (where the font might get ridiculously big if using the zoom fonction in Findings).

Many thanks for your feedback!


Is this ever happening? My eyes really hurt especially with the stupid fixed font size which I cannot even change!