Entries - Defaults to oldest entry? - FIXED in Findings 2.1

When I click into a “entries” folder like experiments or research notes, Findings always defaults to opening the oldest of my entries… so when I click on Experiments, Findings opens my oldest experiment, not the last experiment I was editing in, or the newest entry… is there a way to change that? Or could it default to the most recent entry, or better yet, the last entry you were editing?

You’re right, I need to look into how to improve this. Ideally, it would remember the last selection. It is selecting the oldest entry at the moment, for one simple reason, which is kind of stupid, and that’s because the list of entries are initially created in chronological order, and the app picks the first one. It should at least pick the first one in the current sorting. I’ll definitely fix this to at least have this more useful behavior. Thanks for noticing!

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Just a quick update to let you know it’s fixed in the latest beta. If you are curious, we have more information about beta versions of Findings on our community forums, where you can also report bugs: https://community.findingsapp.com/t/how-to-try-beta-versions-of-findings/56

Thanks again so much for your report!