Editing of experiment body not possible


Yesterday I opened findings on my phone, and was surprised, that the experiments were not categorised corecctly (I’m not sure if this is related).Today I tried to change something in an experiment or stickie, and nothing works. The same for newly generated experiments. I can still manipulate the title and aims of experiments, but nothing in the body. I can’t write anything or add anything inside the body. It is possible to insert things using the menubar, but not any different way.

Running Findings 2.0.1 on MacOS HighSierra 10.13.3 on a MacBookPro Late 2016


Sorry about the issue with experiment editing. It is in fact discussed here as well: Can’t type in my experiments — UPDATE: fixed in beta 2.0.2 build 5290

It’s an unfortunate bug that I have now fixed in Findings 2.0.2, though it’s still in beta at the moment. We have more information about beta versions of Findings here: About beta versions of Findings

As an alternative to running a beta version, you can also contact me privately so I can send you specific instructions to fix the issue in 2.0.1 (this discussion is public and for this type of modifications, it’s best to have a direct interaction). Please email feedback@findingsapp.com.

Regarding the iOS app, it is a current limitation: the app is compatible but still running under the version 1 assumptions where all entries are experiments (no entry types), and there are no collections. We will have an update in the future.

Thanks for your patience!



Sorry must have overlooks that thread.
I’m now on the beta 2.0.2 and it seems to work fine.
Thank you.


No worry. The discussion is in the beta category, because it was initially reported as an issue with the beta, but it turned out it’s not. I will move it to Support.

Cannot write anything if I don’t have internet