Due dates and Gantt charts


I mentioned in another topic, that I saw Findings as a great productivity app.

I have a few suggestions to make, and hopefully they will be added in future updates.

  1. Putting a due date to a note/task would be nice.
  2. Having a GANTT feature on tasks, due dates would just be awesome (since we can sort them into status, that would be a plus).
  3. Unless I am mistaken, I have not found a way to annotate an attachment right from the entry window like Evernote does. This could be a good feature.

I am just throwing out ideas, to make Findings even better. Why don’t you share your ideas?

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Did you mean in a standalone sticky? These indeed do not have dates at the moment, and simply are set to today’s date until completed, but I have plans to add more options to those.

Did you mean just create an entry with just an attachment? That particular idea is also on my todo list…

Regarding the due date, I mean being able to set a deadline to an entry.

By doing this, I could then have a calendar overview/Gantt chart of all the entries having deadlines which would looks like this:

Maybe from the entry itself, I could have something below its title telling me how much time I have left to complete it. Since we can update the status of the entry, each status would have a specific colour on that calendar overview/ Gantt chart.

This feature should be also available on a collection itself (as well as sub-collections), so that we can see how tasks/entries work together, overlap and link with each other.

I tried to upload a screenshot of that calendar overview, but if you can’t see it, look up Gantt chart on Google.

I do believe this would help users being much more productive, as it is something used in companies to keep track of the status of their project/work.

Hope you find this interesting/

Regarding the attachment, what I mean is being able to annotate it right from the entry.
It’s actually a feature Evernote has:


Got it! I think I might in fact work something out where you’d be able to set a due date, and then if/when we have a calendar view, that due date would clearly appear as well. At this stage, I can’t promise when that will happen, since I am right now focused on other items in the list, but I sure hope to get to it in the fairly near future (in other words, it’s very much on my radar, unlike some other longer-term feature). Stay tuned, I’ll post any update on this thread :wink:

In general, it might be nicer if you can in the future start a new discussion for each feature request. I may move the attachment editing to a separate discussion, hope that’s not too confusing for you to follow as well! In any case, all feedback is welcome, not to worry.


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Annotating / editing images and PDFs directly in the app is on our todo list. The plan would be to eventually support at least the standard annotation tools of macOS or iOS. Note that on the Mac, you can simply double-click the image or PDF, and it will open in the application of your choice, where you can edit it. When you save, the document from your library will actually be changed, as expected, and you can then close it.

See also: Annotating images and PDF in the app