Drag & Drop file attachment

When attempting to drag and drop a file into an entry (or specifically .JPG files in my case), the file will insert itself wherever the last click was (focus?), rather than the place you actually drag to with the blue underlining.

Thanks a lot for the bug report! I’ll see to reproduce the problem. Can you check you have the latest version running? (it should be build 5196 as of today).

I was not. I didn’t realize the auto-update isn’t active by default.

I have since updated to 5196 and the the bug persists.

I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning, but the program froze at the end of the update (status bar was complete but the pinwheel persisted for >5 minutes). I had to force quit and when I restarted the app and I was on build 5196.

Thanks for the update and the extensive feedback. I’ll be fixing that as soon as possible in a future update.