Dark mode text in table sometimes remains black


What I did: Upgraded to the latest findings app (ver. 2.1, Build 5648.9acf5aba) and enabled dark mode

What happened: Some text in tables remained black, making it very difficult to read

What I expected: Text should change to white automatically (like some other text did) so that they are easier to read in dark mode.

Things that might be helpful to know (Findings version, OS and model, etc):https://www.dropbox.com/s/i7fzzn90mnwsr98/Screen%20Shot%202018-10-01%20at%208.31.06%20PM.png?dl=0


I am sorry about the issue. In some instances, the text may have been set to black (or dark gray) explicitly, e.g. after copy and paste from another source, in which case you can select all the cells, then use the menu Format > Text Color then click the ‘x’ to remove any such formatting. It’s something I may have to handle specially in the future by automatically applying a different color. It’s a bit tricky, because it may still be intentional from the user.

Let me know if that helps!



That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for replying! I can see how I have been copying those cells and pasting them from table to table, and I agree that there is not a simple, straightforward way to distinguish those from intentional font color settings by the user. I’m sure this is not unique to the Findings app and as both users and developers are more used to dark mode I’m sure a future solution will be available.