Customize keyboard shortcuts

I am using findings and agenda side by side (I love agenda’s layout and visual style for journalling and note taking, but the more focused features of findings are really helpful for running lab protocols). However, the keyboard shortcuts in both apps are different for doing the same things, which can be confusing. Could we have an option to customize the keyboard shortcuts? That way I could make them both match each other, this would make them much easier to use together.

Ah, sorry about the discrepancies. I will check with them, but indeed might be better to eventually allow for keyboard shortcut customizations. Maybe it’s worth looking into the keyboard shortcut setup via System Preferences? I am not sure if you can override existing shortcuts using this, though…

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Thanks, I checked but I didn’t find a way to change app-specific shortcuts in system preferences, I was referring to things like setting the paragraph type to bulleted list or numbered list, things like that.

Personally I find agenda’s shortcuts to be much more comfortable on my hand to use (they tend to use shift+command+key instead of control+command+key). Just my 2 cents, but if you could work out a unified system of shortcuts with them that would be really cool!

OK, I see. We use the shift-cmd combinations for ‘New…’ menu items… I am sorry it was not concerted more, but I guess I was first so in a way it’s Agenda not following Findings’ conventions :smile:

It looks like custom shortcuts would be the way out eventually, but that’s quite a lot of work to set up…

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Haha I guess that’s true, I didn’t realize findings came before agenda. This is more just a quality of life thing, it’s not that hard to learn 2 sets of shortcuts. But if you can talk with them and work something out that would be cool too.