Create Links to Entries and Protocols

Findings introduces a very powerful feature: the ability to link to an entry or a protocol from any app (including Findings itself).

To create a link, do the following:

  • Select the entry or protocol
  • Open the menu Entry (or Protocol) and select ‘Copy Link’ (the exact name of the menu item depends on what you have selected)
  • Go to where you want the link to appear (e.g. in Notes, Pages, Word, Mail, etc.)
  • Use the menu Edit > Paste (keyboard shortcut ⌘-V)

Menu item to create a link to an experiment

This will insert a string that starts with ‘findings://documents/XXXX…’, that should be clickable and open the corresponding entry or protocol in Findings when clicked. In more technical term, that string is a URL, using the scheme ‘findings:’. The ‘XXX’ string corresponds to the unique identifier for that document. In the future, we might expand that URL scheme to allow linking to specific locations in the document.

You can even use these links within a Findings document, for instance to keep a linked list of experiments you want to use for a report or a publication.

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