Change library location

Is it possible to change the location where the library is stored? For various backup/permissions reasons, I would like to store my findings 2 library in a non-default directory. I am using version 2.0.7 on osx high sierra. Under preferences, it does not appear that there is an option to change the location. Is there a work around?

While it’s not directly supported by the interface, it’s in fact possible though a workaround described in an article on this forum, under the section called 'Other Sync Services": Dropbox Sync

The gist of it is that Dropbox sync is currently the only way to store your Findings library outside of the app container, for the purpose of syncing through a specific folder in Dropbox. But I built a ‘backdoor’ for testing purposes that allows to create a “fake” Dropbox directory that the app will accept. I added it as a way to test other sync services like Google Drive, or storing on an external disk or network volume (assuming it’s fast enough), but it can also be used to store anywhere on your disk. And that should answer your needs… Let me know how it goes!


Hi, I have some content-sensitive notes so I would very welcome possibility to store my data in an encrypted disk image on my hard drive. I currently use this experimental feature. So far it works.

Indeed, the workaround you mention should work fine, and i am really glad you shared that experience. My approach here is to clearly label this as experimental so that users trying it are super careful with backups etc. Down the road, I plan to simply allow the user to choose a custom location for the ‘Documents’ (some information will always be stored in the ‘Derived Data’ location, referring here to the labels used in the ‘Library’ preference pane in Findings). Your experience brings me even more confidence in this approach. Thanks!


I was coming back to this thread as I’m trying to switch my data from Dropbox to Google Drive.
I too would love future versions to natively support this. Especially since several large universities have contracts with Google and provide unlimited Google Drive (in our case, we also have unlimited Box accounts).