Bug in within-experiment search with capital letters

Hi Charles,

I think there’s a bug in the search function within an experiment: when searching for „PCR“ there are no results (although there is „PCR" in the experiment text), while searching for „pcr“ finds the results. I’m using the beta 2.0.2.

Thanks for looking into it!

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I just checked, and it appears to be the same issue on mine. lowercase finds all versions of the word, but including an uppercase letter (even if it is correct) does not.

Version 2.0.2 and Build 5282.a49687ca

Thanks a lot, guys. This is indeed easy to reproduce and I will be able to fix it soon.

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If I search for a specific word, I do find the experiments that contain this word, but this word is not highlighted so it is still difficult to find the location within the sometimes long log-files. It would be really helpful if the search word is highlighted (I think this was the case in the previous findings version) and even more so if you could scroll from the first to the next hit via the search bar (as for instance you can do in Word).

This is a good point. It was indeed somewhat like this in Findings, though it was only highlighting in the card. However, when double-clicking on an experiment from dashboard as a result of a search, the experiment would open with the search already filled-in.

At the moment, the only workaround is to type the search query again in the document search. From there, you will get the result highlighted and the ability to navigate the search hits using the cmd-G and shift-cmd-G shortcuts.

I have added the feature request to my todo list. Not sure yet when it will be available, but I’ll keep you posted!