Adding a date deletes content of row

It happened to me now several times, that I forgot to add dates while I was writing my notebook.
By adding dates afterwards, I just clicked the + in the row where the next day started. But instead of adding only a date, the program deleted the content of the row.
Now I am aware of this problem an create first an empty row before I add the date, but it would be nice if you could solve this problem.

Thanks for the report. In fact, I ran into this issue myself yesterday… The workaround is indeed fairly simple (and there is undo!), but it’s annoying. I will fix this in a future update (a few more serious bugs are still getting priority, so it will probably be for version 2.1).

Just a quick update to let you know the bug was fixed last month in Findings 2.0.3. I meant to mention it earlier, but better late than never :wink:

All the release notes are here:

Thanks again for the feedback!