Add new entry to the active collection by default

When looking at entries in a Collection, if I then add a new Experiment, the new entry is created without a Collection label, and the view is changed to just the Ongoing status.

I would prefer, instead, that the collection label would be automatically applied and the view would not change, i.e., I would like to have some contextual awareness for the (+) button.

This could be a setting (e.g. a checkbox “Add new entries to the active Collection”). If more than one Collection is highlighted, a popup could be displayed to allow the user to select a Collection (or none) to which the entry should be added.

I hope that makes sense. Thanks for your consideration!


It totally makes sense, and in fact, when creating a new entry while a collection is created, the entry is also added to the collection (at least in the latest version 2.1, in beta, not sure if it was already in 2.0.7). However, the sidebar selection goes back to all the entries instead of staying in the current collection, a behavior which I should change.

For multiple collections, I will have to check what is happening exactly, not sure what the behavior is… In any case, I feel that the correct behavior should be to add the document to all the collections by default, as it’s easy enough to remove an entry from a collection using the collection popup in the document header.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi Charles - Glad to hear this is incorporated into 2.1! I do like the idea of adding to both collections by default as well. Thanks!


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