Add New Authors?

I’ve set up Findings to run in my entire lab…everyone’s system has a license. But I’d really like each person to be listed as a possible author, and I can’t seem to do that. On the systems, only my name is available as an author, and new protocols and whatnot are added as if I, the PI, wrote it. This makes tracking the work of my students/tech problematic.
If this is possible, please direct me where to go. If not, I’d love to be able to list authors other than just me.


Sorry about the issue. Each user should have the opportunity to set their name, and documents they create should be under their name. Is that not the case?

This appears to not be the case, at least in my lab. Did I have to set the name when I activated the license or something? I have nowhere that allows the name to change other than to be listed as my name.