Active links to web addresses

Hi, I’m using Findings V 2.0.6. I wonder if you could add a feature where a word of choise in the notebook can be made to an active web-link?
Example a bacteria strain from Streatagene: SCS110
This one “SCS110” could cover the teadious seqrch results from the Agilent web page, being:

I guess, many users would appreciate such addition and find it useful.
Regards, /KS

Indeed, at the moment, links can only be created by using a URL as part of the text. In your example, if you use ‘’ as part of the text in an entry, it will become clickable. An improvement would indeed be to allow the text of a link to be different from the actual URL. It’s on our todo list, though I can’t promise yet when it will become possible. I’ll post on this topic when it’s available.

Many thanks for your feedback!